Spas are a great option to escape from cluttered noise and stress routine. Right now in London there are hundreds of Spas across the city where women and men can completely relax and providing the perfect antidote to modern day life with different treatments.

Luxurious Spa treatments

Located in the heart of Greenwich it’s the perfect place for relaxing and enjoy gorgeous spa treatments that help to rejuvenate, revitalise and relax you in the best way possible!

The Spa treatment rooms are comfortable with excellent leisure to guarantee that whatever your treatment, you will find everything you need to achieve your desired outcome.

All therapists are trained to provide facials, body massages, and body treatments how and when you want them. Treatments incorporate only the finest products from leading brands to keep you looking and feeling at your very best.


Facial Treatments

offers facial skin treatments, specially designed to bring back your natural glow. Restoring the shine in your skin, which is challenged by the weather every day during the summer or cold winter air making your face tender. The therapists will advise on the best facial treatment for you, so you leave feeling radiant and refreshed.

Body treatments

has thoroughly tried and tested a number of body treatments to ensure the best
quality with the best results and optimum enjoyment. From Indian Head Massage, body wraps to body exfoliation the luxurious Spa treatment will leave you feeling wonderful!

Colonic treatments

Colon Hydrotherapy is a clinical procedure used to revitalize your colon and restore it to its original healthy functioning. Also referred to as colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy is great for anyone who has suffered symptoms relating to the colon such as constipation, irregular movement of the bowels, or irritable bowel syndrome.

provide Colonic treatments performed by professional only! this is the most effective and preferred method of colon cleansing.

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